Licensing Update

Late Summer 2013

The government’s recently published response to its consultation on alcohol strategy announced some fairly good news:

  • The total number of TENs that can be applied for on any particular premises will increase to 15 in each year;
  • Renewal of personal licences every 10 years has been abolished.  Instead you will just need to notify the local authority of any change of name or address, and it is still an offence not to do so;
  • No ban on multi-buy drinks promotions similar to a “2-for-price-of-1” offer;
  • No minimum unit price for alcohol.

But other proposals are:

  • No single standard date for the payment of all annual premises licence fees;
  • Advertising of applications and variations in local newspapers is still required;
  • The mandatory conditions surrounding irresponsible drinks promotions is still to be tightened so we may see changes to the definitions of these in time;
  • The introduction of other mandatory conditions to ensure responsible drinking, such as listing the price of smaller measures and staff being required to explain the availability of, for example, 125 ml wine glasses, may be introduced at a later date.

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