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Boundary disputes – a lawyer’s dream, a client’s nightmare!

30 Nov 2017

Whenever property litigators hear those immortal words, ‘boundary dispute’, legal eyes euphemistically roll at the real prospect of having to deal with emotional and sometimes irrational neighbours, where commercial logic can depart from even the most commercially savvy clients!


The publication of a new Protocol for dealing with boundary disputes is heartily welcomed in the hope that vast costs may be avoided by neighbours, often via solicitors, adopting a sensible and coherent approach to boundary disputes. Failing to adhere to the Protocol is likely to penalise a defaulting party resulting in adverse costs orders, irrespective of the eventual outcome of the dispute.




Neighbour disputes of any kind can be immensely stressful and costly. They may also blight a future property sale.


Tip: consider trying to settle claims informally and amicably. If not, do get advice before matters escalate.


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