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CDM regulations

25 Feb 2015

Changes to the CDM Regulations came into force on 6 April 2015, with an allowance for existing CDM Co-ordinators to operate under transitional provisions until 6 October 2015. The principal changes are:

Client duties are strengthened – as head of the supply chain, clients are deemed to be best placed to set standards throughout the lifetime of a project.

Domestic clients are no longer exempt from notifying projects – however, a domestic client can transfer its client duties to the Principal Designer and/or Principal Contractor.

Principal Designer – replaces the CDM Coordinator – the effect of this is that the responsibility for the co-ordination of the pre-construction phase will rest with an existing member of the design team.

Competence of duty holder – replaced with requirement to have appropriate skills, knowledge and experience.

F10 Notification – now only required if project lasts more than 500 person days or more than 30 days with more than 20 workers engaged simultaneously.

The new regulations place a greater emphasis on the key role of a designer in co-ordinating and disseminating information to allow safe construction. Now is the time to be looking at current projects and appointments in light of the new changes. Those taking on the role of Principal Designer would be well advised to check that their professional indemnity insurance will cover them.

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