Top tips for ‘self help’ in your divorce

Want to ‘help yourself’ with your divorce and save legal fees? Here are some top tips:

Get your financial paperwork in order.

Make sure you locate all your financial paperwork so that you are able to provide this to your lawyer in one go. Pension valuations can take months to obtain, so request these early on.


Get copies of all joint paperwork.

Contact the organisation direct, including bank statements, insurance policies, mortgage documents and so forth. If it is your joint names, you are entitled to copies.



Understand what you will need each month to make ends meet. Your solicitor will be able to provide you with a draft budget list if you do not know where to start.


Take advantage of free online tools:

If you are struggling to make arrangements for your children, consider using an online parenting tool such as Our Family Wizard:


Get legal advice early on to understand the best way forward.

Speak with your solicitor about how your case might be resolved and the range of likely outcomes.


Finally, be kind to yourself.

Divorce can be overwhelming. Make sure you have as much emotional support in place as possible. The more resilient you feel, the better able you will be to progress matters.

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Samantha Jago


Advises on family law matters including high value divorce, cohabitation disputes, children matters, pre and post nuptial agreements and domestic violence

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