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gdb Charity Challenge – not for the faint hearted

21 Aug 2019

Partner James Colvin led the DMH Stallard team that took part in the recent Gatwick Diamond Charity Challenge; here he reports on how it went...

There was a degree of  apprehension as to what the ‘The Leap of Faith’ might entail, but as eight of us (representing three of our five offices) converged on Bwoles Rocks on a warm, sunny Friday, we were motivated and ready to go! 

We had great fun working as a team and building relationships with colleagues from different offices.  The spider's web provided the greatest challenge as we worked together to move all team members from one side of the ‘web’ to the other through a number of holes of different sizes and at varying heights.  We enjoyed a sense of camaraderie as we sledged down the ski slope in full clothing in the heat of the day, and some of us were happy (and relieved) when our fellow team members successfully stepped up to the challenge of the ‘Leap of Faith’!  We even discovered a couple of budding archers and finished the day off with a great paella.
Taking part in the Challenge was fantastic (apart from the leap of faith!!).  It was a great way to network with other organisations and team build with colleagues, whilst raising money for 20 local charities.  It was a pleasure to be involved and we were lucky enough to see our charity partner of the year for 2019-20 – Action Medical Research participating too.  It was a very worthwhile and enjoyable day.


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