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Chocolates, flowers and pre-nups

10 Feb 2017

Not necessarily in some people’s book a “calendar day”, but Sunday marks National Marriage Day. Whilst your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, the fact that one in three marriages end in divorce makes many cynical about the institution. Not withstanding this and the increasing numbers who live together, more and more people are marrying later in life, following bereavement or more commonly divorce.

As increasing numbers of people enter into second relationships, the need to ensure that your assets, income and pensions are protected is a reality.

Take the case of the successful TV personality who, following her second marriage, failed to protect her children from her first marriage in the event of her death. By not making proper provision and believing “it’ll be ok” when she died, her children lost out and had to watch their inheritance being squandered.

Or take the case of the widower who remarried, only to be divorced by his wife two years later, with her taking half his wealth.

Whilst a pre-nuptial or living together agreement is not the most romantic Valentine, in the above situations it is worth considering. It can save a lot of money and heartache, particularly in the case of the divorcee who vows never to marry again.

So with Valentine’s day on the horizon, whilst leading with your heart, it might be worth thinking with your head.


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