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Top 10 Big Issues for Employers in 2017

27 Sep 2017

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A full day employment law seminar on the Top 10 Big Issues for Employers in 2017. Each issue is given a practical context using common scenarios. There is a useful analysis of the law relating to each issue, including any relevant developments, ending with practical advice and tips on how you can deal with the problems and issues raised.

Topics to be covered are:

  1. Face lift, pay drop? - Do you have to pay sick pay to an employee who has taken time off work for elective surgery? Do employees undergoing a course of IVF have protection against discrimination on grounds of pregnancy? What legal issues arise when employees opt for medical treatment?
  2. That’s gross!! - When should gross negligence be dealt with as an issue of conduct instead of capability and when could doing so make a dismissal unfair? When does negligence become gross negligence?
  3. Points of reference - What can you say in a reference without the risk of being sued? Can an employer be liable for the content of a personal reference? How can you deal with an unsatisfactory reference or a suspicion of dishonesty?
  4. The Apprentice … You’re Fired - What special rights apply to apprentices and how hard do these make it to terminate an unsatisfactory arrangement? What are the differences between an apprentice and an intern?
  5. The bug stops here - How can you reduce the risk of employees exposing you to a cyber-attack or fraud? What rights do employees have in the event that your systems are breached?
  6. Dream jobs and working time nightmares - Is time spent sleeping when on call classified as working time? How should you calculate weekly rest entitlements? When do employees have the automatic right to carry over holiday entitlements from one year to the next?
  7. Dealing with difficult data demands - What do you need to do to comply with data subject access requests? Can you refuse a request if it will drain your time and resources or if it is made with improper motives? What differences will be made by the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation?
  8. Right to free speech? - How freely can you speak and during a protected conversation without risking claims for unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal or discrimination? When can the wrong choice of language jeopardise the protected status of the discussion?
  9. Return to sender? - Which organisation has each of the employer’s liabilities during a secondment arrangement? What rights does an employee have during a secondment and when it ends? When can TUPE inadvertently apply?
  10. Age old problems - How can you plan succession in your business without risking claims for age discrimination? Is it safe to address diminishing performance issues when connected to age?

You can book by emailing Stephanie Brownings (including if you would prefer to pay by invoice).

Who should attend?
Directors, executives, managers, HR professionals and other decision makers.

Ticket prices
£135 (+VAT) for one delegate
£115 (+VAT) per person for two or more delegates

For information on our cancellation policy, please click here.

A 25% discount will be applied to any client of our Employment Team. Any organisation that instructs DMH Stallard's Employment Team for the first time within three months of the date of their attendance at this event will receive a refund equivalent to the relevant client discount.

Cost includes a useful delegate pack, refreshments and lunch.

When and Where

Thursday 16 November

Nutfield Priory Hotel & Spa,
Nutfield Road

Wednesday 22 November

17 Jubilee Street
East Sussex
BN1 1GE 

Tuesday 28 November

Grange St. Paul's Hotel
10 Godliman Street


9:00am Registration
9:30am Seminar Commences
11:10am Refreshment Break
11:30am Seminar Resumes
1:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Seminar Resumes
3:15pm Questions
3:30pm Seminar Ends


For further information on this seminar or any employment law issue, please contact Stephanie Brownings, or speak to your usual contact in the Employment Team.


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