Globalisation - Working without international borders (part 2)


This episode is part two of a three-part podcast series on globalisation in the world of work, where we consider the issue of whether it is prudent for employees to engage in work whilst abroad? Should there be a balance between granting such opportunities and effectively overseeing them?

Our employment experts discuss the intricacies of shorter-term work scenarios beyond the UK, exploring practicalities, policy considerations, and the ongoing debate over formal versus informal management approaches.

Whether you’re an employer, employee, or simply curious about the evolving work landscape, this episode offers valuable insights into the dynamics of global work arrangements.

Hosted by Employment Partner, Abigail Maino, with Employment and Immigration Partner Adam Williams and Partner, Simon Bellm joining the discussion.

About the authors

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Adam Williams


Specialises in guiding corporate clients through UK business immigration and labour law aspects of operating in the UK and moving people across borders.
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Simon Bellm


Specialist in intricate employee relations and structural change matters and offering expertise in TUPE issues.

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