The changing landscape of Employment Tribunals

There are many changes afoot in the Employment Tribunals. While some of these changes have been accelerated due to Covid-19 and the lockdown of recent weeks, it is looking increasingly likely that we are moving towards a new normal. The Employment Tribunals process is arguably under-going its most radical shift for at least a generation. We welcome as a guest contributor, Gary Self, an Employment Barrister at 3 Pump Court, and an Employment Judge. He will join members of the Employment Team at DMH Stallard to provide insight and guidance on the changes, and how Employment Tribunals are likely to operate over the coming months and years.

About the authors

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Rustom Tata

Partner & Chairman

Employment law expert specialising in company and individual reputation management including the removal of senior executives.
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Rebecca Thornley-Gibson


Specialist in contract and policy frameworks, employee relations, employment tribunal litigation and senior executive terms and exits.

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