Family finances and Covid-19 – the impact on existing financial agreements

With the government recently announcing the biggest decline in employment since the 2009 recession and with many businesses set to fail due to the pandemic how will this affect separating or separated families? How will assets be valued? Can the income into the family be maintained? What options are there to provide financial stability? This seminar will address these issues as well as providing an update of relevant financial case law and the effect of the pandemic on pension sharing reports. DMH Stallard will present alongside Family Law Barrister, Mediator, Private FDR Judge and DDJ Ben Fearnley and actuary Caroline Bayliss. This seminar is not just aimed at family law practitioners but anyone who may be affected by these issues.

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Samantha Jago


Advises on family law matters including high value divorce, cohabitation disputes, children matters, pre and post nuptial agreements and domestic violence

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