Fraud Recovery

Fraud can take many forms. Often the challenge is to identify the fraudsters and we work with our network of investigators and experts to identify and prevent fraud. 

Our lawyers offer a range of specialist services designed to help you recover losses arising from fraud. We act for companies and individuals, whether based in the UK or abroad, who have been the victims of fraud. 

What our fraud lawyers do

Our specialist fraud services include fraud recovery; freezing orders; asset tracing and recovery; search and disclosure orders.

How our fraud lawyers do it

Our specialist fraud lawyers have extensive experience of acting in proceedings in the High Court for the recovery of losses arising from fraud.

We work with experienced investigators, enquiry agents and forensic accountants and also with Counsel who are leaders in this field. 

We will guide you our through the available options, with a particular focus on the personal liability of company directors involved in fraudulent activity to pierce the “corporate veil”.

We are ready whenever necessary to take swift action in order to protect your interests.

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