Insurance Disputes

What our dispute resolution lawyers do

Insurance cover is essential for many aspects of life, particularly if you are running a business. Thankfully many of us will never need to make a claim on our policies. However, if you do, disputes can arise with insurance companies and brokers over whether your claim should be accepted and early action at this stage can be key to securing a good result.

Disputes with insurance companies can affect individuals and businesses of all sizes, in every industry and sector. We will work with you and your senior management team to understand your objectives and resolve the dispute.

How our dispute resolution lawyers work

More and more insurers are looking to find ways to decline cover fairly for claims made by their client, and by third parties against their clients. We regularly advise businesses about their disputes with their insurance companies, so we know that every case depends on its facts and the specific terms of the relevant insurance policy. We can advise you on the strength of your position and your options for challenging the insurer’s decision to decline cover. We also advise upon the liability of insurance brokers in relation to claims arising from, for example, alleged deficiencies in the level of insurance cover obtained by the broker.

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