Procurement Process

Challenges to procurement processes and tender awards

Many businesses find themselves in competitive tender processes as part and parcel of winning new contracts or, equally importantly, maintaining existing ones. For those businesses who fail to get the result they want and feel that the tender award is unjust, we will be on hand to assess the options available to challenge the outcome. It is vital that businesses in this situation act quickly and get the right advice.


What our disputes lawyers do

What they say

"Many thanks for your assistance on this project – we achieved what we set out to do, and I’m very grateful to you both for your expert assistance."

Commercial client that successfully challenged a tender award

We challenge procurement processes where tenderers believe these to be in breach of EU procurement regulations.  We can advise you both before an award has been made, as well as assisting unsuccessful bidders to challenge tender awards on substantive and/or procedural grounds.   As this often requires urgent work to be undertaken proactively due to significant statutory time constraints, getting the right advice on a timely basis in this specialised area is essential.


How our disputes lawyers work

We act for businesses that are involved in competitive tender processes, be they large corporates or SMEs. Often the contracts they are competing for are key contracts in the development of their businesses, where the outcome of the process will be crucial. Businesses need access to the best advice in these challenging circumstances and our team will be on hand to help them get a just result.

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