Technology Disputes

What our dispute resolution lawyers do

Technology projects are often expensive and can become troubled.  When they do, our experts can help get them back on track or resolve any resulting dispute.

What they say

"The DMH Stallard technology lawyers are easy to work with, consistently straight-talking and always effective"

Jason Woodford, CEO, Site Visibility Limited

Our expert team is long established as a leader in technology litigation.  We act for suppliers, integrators and users of technology, software houses and mobile network operators.

How our dispute resolution lawyers work

We bring together our commercial, intellectual property and regulatory lawyers to help resolve problem projects and disputes.  Our technology litigators are real experts, they understand technology and are familiar with all of the informal and formal processes available to resolve problems as they arise. They regularly conduct proceedings in the Technology and Construction court and are able to resolve disputes using arbitration and expert determination processes.

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