Public procurement or competitive tendering rules frequently apply when public authorities and utilities operators “let” contracts. Non-compliance with these rules may have serious commercial consequences.

Our procurement and tendering expertise not only informs public contractual arrangements but can also be put to good effect when we work with private companies seeking to appoint a panel of suppliers, or to simply run a tender process.

What our commercial lawyers do

DMH Stallard can advise you on the implications of the EU and UK public procurement regimes in relation to public contracts for works, goods and services.

We advise both public bodies and suppliers in relation to all stages of the procurement process, including the competitive dialogue procedure.

Our commercial team (together with lawyers drawn from our commercial dispute resolution team) can also help when a public body faces, or a supplier wishes to mount, a challenge to the procurement process.

We work with local authorities in setting up and running “framework agreements”, thus making the award of “call-off” contracts an efficient and easy to understand process.

How our commercial lawyers work

Our specialist team guides public bodies looking to award new contracts, or businesses seeking to win those contracts, through complex procurement procedures and regulation, and ensuring that the process follows the key principles of equal treatment, transparency, non-discrimination, and proportionality.

Our expertise embraces all aspects of UK and EU procurement law.

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