Commercial Debt Recovery

DMH Stallard has developed a highly effective service for the recovery of uncontested debts, allowing us to recover significant amounts of cash for our clients at a low cost. 

We are usually able to recover more than £10 for every £1 you spend with us.

What our debt and leasehold recovery team does

Our services for uncontested commercial debt recovery include:

What they say

"DMHS are professional, friendly and responsive. Their people have years of experience and their electronic case-management system, and tailored recovery procedures add value to our business."

Dalton Brooks, National Credit Control Manager, BDO

  • Credit control advice
  • Information gathering to confirm the identity, location and financial status of the debtor
  • Letters before action and, where appropriate, a “letter only” service
  • The issue and service of court proceedings
  • Entering default judgments
  • Enforcement of judgments, using the most appropriate means
  • Bankruptcy and winding up proceedings

A full list of our services can be accessed here.

How our debt and leasehold recovery team work

We usually act on a fixed fee basis on undefended debt recovery matters, as this provides real certainty for you at every stage of the process. 

We are always flexible on costs, particularly for volume instructions, and we will consider other funding structures, including conditional and contingent fee arrangements.

If a matter becomes defended, it will then be handled by our  Commercial Dispute Resolution Team.

How we've helped

We have been undertaking debt recovery work for this high end real estate company for a number of years. We have recovered over £480,000 at a cost to the client of just £46,000. Most of this debt was years old and seemingly lost. Essentially, we returned over £10 to the client for every £1 they invested with us and this is a typical return that we achieve for our clients.

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