Contracts, Policies & Procedures

What our employment lawyers do

We prepare new employment documents for clients and regularly undertake comprehensive reviews of the full range of contracts, bonus schemes, policies and procedures on behalf of our clients. Our aim is to ensure that your employment procedures are fully up to date and compliant with legislation, ensuring that your exposure to risk is effectively managed at all times.

In addition, we work with clients to ensure that new policies and procedures are implemented effectively. As part of our service we provide training and advice to managers to give them the know-how and confidence to apply the revised processes and procedures. We can target training so as to maximise outcomes and help to encourage change within your organisation.

How our employment lawyers work

Our experience of anticipating challenges to new policies and procedures that you introduce, ensures that we are well placed to provide advice as to implementation as well as to defend any subsequent claims that may arise.

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How we've helped

  • Review of staff absence policies as part of a wider strategic plan to improve work attendance and output.
  • Review of complex bonus and on-call arrangements for a private hospital group.
  • Design and implementation of a revised bonus scheme for the sales team within a technology business.

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