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DMH Stallard’s intellectual property and employment lawyers are experienced in handling the legal issues relating to the management and protection of confidential information and know how.

Your business will retain important know how, data and secret information about how it operates. That information might relate to a secret process or business plan, or pricing and customer information. Much of this information sits with trusted employees or third parties.  It might be held within technology controlled by you or a third party. The information might also be regulated by data protection laws.

We can advise you on processes and procedures for protection, as well as producing effective contractual frameworks with third parties and employees (such as licenses and franchising agreements) to ensure that secrecy is maintained. In the event that this information is stolen or used for unlicensed or illegitimate purposes, we can act swiftly to ensure that it is secured and compensation is paid to you where available.

How our intellectual property lawyers work

We are experts at delivering swift solutions for you when speed is of the essence. The theft or unlicensed use of you information requires the focussed and confident delivery of effective informal and formal methods and processes. We regularly deliver outcomes for clients through confident engagement and negotiation, obtaining injunctions and search orders from the courts where necessary.

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How we've helped

The team represents the leading UK provider of temporary placements of General Practitioners into the health sector in relation to a group of former employees which had removed confidential information (comprising candidate and client contact details) from a database and were using it to compete unfairly. The team obtained a search order which enabled a forensic IT expert to search the computers, servers and other electronic storage devices and media controlled by the former employees and the companies they had formed.  The data was secured and deleted. Damages and costs were recovered.


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