Matrimonial Finance - Arbitration and Mediation

DMH Stallard fully understands the need to consider alternative routes to resolve family and matrimonial disputes.

Family arbitration enables divorce and financial hearings to be dealt with in private and outside the court process, giving you more control and privacy as well as saving you time and money.

What our family lawyers do

Arbitration allows for divorce and related financial disputes to be dealt with in private and outside the court process, with the parties jointly selecting an arbitrator (who will be an experienced family lawyer). The Arbitrator will make a binding decision which provides certainty for the client.

Arbitration allows the parties to have more control over the content and speed of the dispute resolution process, saving time and money and providing privacy for all parties.  Arbitration gives the parties a binding enforceable decision. 

Mediation is another popular alternative to resolve disputes.

Mediation in appropriate cases can be very effective, family-friendly, fast and a less expensive alternative to court proceedings where both parties are committed to the process. A mediated outcome is not binding on the parties but can become so at a later stage by agreement. 

We encourage meditation where appropriate and can assist by either providing a mediator from within DMH Stallard or helping our client select a suitable mediator from outside.  Separately, we can also advise as lawyers throughout a mediation process and will attend the mediation session with the client if required.

How our family lawyers work

We also encourage and support mediation where appropriate – a popular alternative to lengthy court battles which can often prove less stressful, faster and less costly than court proceedings.

Within our team we have both an accredited arbitrator and a trained mediator.


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How we've helped

We acted for a wife who, following a court order, needed to enforce a particular provision relating to the calculation of additional maintenance triggered as a result of a bonus. This led to a swift decision by the arbitrator and much saving of both time and cost for our client.

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