Accidents in public and at work

Accidents at work can be traumatic, not only in light of the injuries sustained but also due to the fact that any claim can be upsetting and uncomfortable when returning to the workplace.

We understand the difficulties faced by employees in the workplace and our approach is bespoke to the needs of the individual in such challenging circumstances.

If you have suffered injuries as a result of an accident at work, then you may be entitled to compensation.  We work with you to understand your individual situation and have vast experience in dealing with the complex liability issues following the introduction of the Enterprise Act. 

We understand the needs of our clients and support them following accidents resulting in serious, life changing and catastrophic injuries.

 What our personal injury lawyers do 

We have been working with clients for many years to help them bring personal injury claims following accidents at work.

Our service is focused on the individual needs of the person, designed to help clients to move on from their accident with our support and understanding.

We will always give open and honest advice in relation to a claim, in order to help innocent victims recover the compensation they ought to be entitled to help them return to their everyday lives.

How our personal injury solicitors work

The first step in any claim will be to prove negligence, and we have a wealth of litigation experience to draw on in our personal injury team and to support you in bringing a claim.

If we are instructed to deal with a claim we will ensure that we ask the right questions at the outset of the claim and ensure it is dealt with efficiently and expeditiously.

We will make sure that clients fully understand how claims work, and that not every claim can be concluded quickly. Particularly in the more serious cases, perhaps involving catastrophic injuries, we may work with and support clients for many years while they continue to recover from their injuries.

As well as pursuing the claim, we typically work with clients to ensure that they get access to all the care and support they need during their recovery period and beyond.

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