Tailored service

Every immigration application is different. Our service will be bespoke and tailored to a client’s needs and requirements, and our fees will reflect this and their particular circumstances. In some instances a client may just require ad-hoc assistance from us in relation to their broader strategic approach and options. In others, a full “end to end” service will be required in respect of a particular application.

Our work will typically include:

  • discussing a client’s circumstances in detail to determine application that is most appropriate for them, and any other options that may be available;
  • providing advice on the eligibility requirements of the relevant visa category and whether the client meets them;
  • requesting further information and/or evidence from the client for analysis;
  • advising on whether any apparent weaknesses in a prospective application can be overcome by the provision of additional supporting evidence/information;
  • preparing the client’s application for submission;
  • liaising with Home Office officials on a client’s behalf, where necessary; and
  • providing post-decision advice and support.

As a result, it is not possible to provide a reliable estimate or fixed fee for the costs of us acting for a client in respect of an application until we have considered all the details of the client’s intended application and circumstances. What we have set out below are therefore our guidelines for the fees associated with our support to an individual with their entry clearance, leave to remain, or indefinite leave to remain application.

For information on our fees for businesses, charities and other organisations, please contact us.

Fee guidelines

The hourly rates for the key members of our immigration team who carry out the main work on applications are currently £248 – £495 per hour plus VAT (£297.60 – £594 per hour). For the purposes of our guidelines below, we use a blended hourly rate of £350 per hour plus VAT (£420 per hour) to reflect the likelihood that in most cases, work will be carried out by different members of our team involved in a client’s case.

Initial consultation

We offer a fixed fee of £350 plus VAT (£420) for an initial consultation to understand the client’s situation and identify the issues/options associated with the immigration status they are seeking to secure.

Straightforward cases

In more straightforward cases, such as a Student route to Skilled Worker visa ‘switch’, we are likely on average to spend between 5 and 10 hours, preparing the supporting documentation and relevant forms, providing advice to you on the application, and arranging the filing of the application.

Our fees for a standard case are therefore typically between £1,750 – £3,500 plus VAT (£2,100 – £4,200).

More complex cases

These are cases where involving something more ‘out of the ordinary’. For example, unusual complexities, contested decisions/outcomes, and cases where there is a need or desire on the part of the client for a greater degree of partner involvement.

Our fees for a more complex case are very fact sensitive, but would typically be between £5,000 – £15,000 plus VAT (£6,000 – 18,000).

Other costs

The above fee guidelines do not include any disbursements related to a client’s matter. Disbursements are costs that are payable to third parties, such as visa application fees. Often, we will request that a client sends us money on account of anticipated disbursements in advance, so that we can pay these on the client’s behalf.

You can find more information regarding Home Office fees here. Other common disbursements include document translation fees, certification fees, and the Immigration Health Surcharge.


Subject do some limited exceptions, our fees, and most disbursements, will be subject to VAT at the standard rate of 20%. UK Visas and Immigration and Home Office fees do not usually attract VAT.


Please click here for a downloadable PDF of our pricing on personal immigration applications.