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The DMH Stallard team of Contentious Probate solicitors acts for people in Guildford who are involved in a dispute over a Will or over the way an estate has been divided. We are a large, well-resourced firm with clients across the Southeast. Our dedicated office in Guildford means we can offer a personal service to those facing the stress and uncertainty of a Will dispute. The team also represents executors and others who face objections from beneficiaries over the way an estate is being administered.

There are many reasons why a Will or, if there’s no will, the operation of the rules of intestacy may be challenged. A DIY will may be inaccurately drafted for example. Or a solicitor could have given the deceased poor advice. Alternatively, the intestacy rules may work to exclude someone who believes they should inherit a portion of the estate.

There are strict time limits within which most contentious probate cases must be started so if you are concerned about the distribution of an estate you should seek legal advice early on. To contact our contentious probate team in Guildford you can do so online or you can call us on +44 (0) 1483 302345.

Frequently asked questions

What is Contentious Probate?

Contentious Probate means disputes that arise over the meaning of a Will or disputes that occur during the process of administering a deceased’s estate.

Wills and inheritance disputes are on the rise in Guildford and across the country for a number of reasons. These include more complex family units and the fact that when we die our estates are worth more. Because there are valuable, tangible assets to target like houses that have increased in price, family members and individuals who were dependent on the deceased for financial support understandably feel justified in going down the route of legal proceedings. They’re more prepared to take the risk of falling out with family members and the prospect of shouldering significant legal costs.

What can our Guildford Wills disputes lawyers do for you?

Our Wills and inheritance dispute lawyers in Guildford deal with the full range of contentious probate matters, including:

  • Disputes about the precise terms of a Will
  • Disagreements over the circumstances in which a Will has been made
  • Claims that the value of an inheritance under a Will or intestacy (that is, where there is no Will) is inadequate
  • So-called ‘proprietary estoppel’ claims where a promise made by the deceased is not reflected in the Will
  • Disputes based on allegations of negligence on the part of the solicitor who drafted the Will
  • Claims against trustees and executors, including applications to remove them
Trusts disputes lawyers in Guildford

Trusts can be set up under a Will (‘Will trusts’) or during your lifetime (‘lifetime trusts’). Essentially trusts are legal mechanisms that enable a trustee to look after and manage assets on behalf of the beneficiaries of a trust.

Our Guildford Private Client solicitors advise on all aspects of trusts. This means that in addition to disputes over Wills and inheritance we also assist individuals engaged in disputes about trusts. These may involve allegations that the trustees are not acting within the terms of the trust deed, disputes over the valuation of trust property and legal issues over the correct interpretation of the trust documents.

Why choose our Guildford Contentious Probate solicitors?

Unlike some of our practice areas, Contentious Probate cases have the potential to intensify emotions in already strained family relationships. If not handled realistically costs can spiral out of control, depleting the value of the estate and in some cases vastly reducing the assets available to the beneficiaries.

Here are some of the benefits of instructing the contentious probate solicitors at DMH Stallard in Guildford:

  • You’ll receive advice from experienced practitioners, often from specialist partners
  • Sensible and transparent pricing
  • A service designed to fit your needs. No two clients are the same so it’s difficult to defend a one-size fits all approach when it comes to contentious probate advice
  • We’re easy to work with, focusing on flexibility and clarity. We’ll appoint the team members who are the best fit for your needs to handle your case
  • You can rely in our external reviews in legal directories like Chambers and the Legal 500

At the end of the day we know this is a sensitive area for most of our clients, many of whom will have recently lost a loved one. We’ll always handle your case appropriately – with integrity and respect.


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