Our focus is you

We provide you with certainty  and value for money.  Our experts will work for you, taking debt management issues out of your hands and allowing you to focus on your business. We aim to be flexible to your needs by offering you a range of debt recovery solutions. For larger debt portfolios, the team will create bespoke strategies to ensure the most effective recovery methods are deployed and are also happy to discuss alternative pricing models.

What our Commercial Debt Recovery team can do for you

Our debt recovery services include:

  • Credit control advice;
  • Information gathering to confirm the identity, location and financial status of the debtor;
  • Letters before action and, where appropriate, a ‘letter only’ service;
  • Issuing claims in the County Court or High Court;
  • Obtaining judgments, often by default;
  • Enforcing judgments, using a number of available methods; and
  • Utilising statutory demands; winding up petitions and bankruptcy petitions.

Your key questions answered

How can we assist you in recovering debts?

Our commercial debt recovery team has over 50 years’ collective debt recovery experience, pursuing individual and commercial debtors who have failed to pay invoices. The team has particular experience working with banks, accountancy firms, insolvency practitioners (as liquidators or administrators), surveyors, estate agents and other professional service firms for the recovery of unpaid fees.

We have developed a market-leading competitive fee-structure, with volume discounts for undefended portfolio debts.  Our approach to costs provides certainty and real value for money.  Our fixed fees include our work from taking your instructions through to enforcing judgments.

How do you manage debt recovery portfolios?

We have a state of the art bespoke online case management system to which you, the client, will have 24/7 access.  This allows us to deliver efficiencies by streamlining the process, and it gives you instant access to real-time information on each of your live cases; and our pricing structure is designed to give you certainty in relation to costs.

How long will it take to recover debts?

At the outset we will ensure we understand your aims and objectives, we will review your options with you and provide a realistic timeline based on your aims and the facts of each case. Sometimes, this will change dependent on the response (or lack of response) by the debtor(s).  Before commencing debt recovery action, we will also take into consideration what assets the debtor has, and ensure a cost-effective tailored approach is taken.

We aim to act on your instructions within 3 working days.  If we don’t have to issue court proceedings, we generally recover debts within 2 to 6 weeks.  More precise timing can be provided once initial steps have been taken and we know the debtor’s position. At that stage we can advise on any appropriate further steps.

Can I claim interest as well as the debt owed?

Yes. If you have a written agreement it is likely it will specify what interest you can charge.  If you have no written agreement there are statutory provisions that allow you to charge interest on commercial debts.  Our debt recovery team are able to advise you on this.

What happens if the debt is disputed?

It’s not uncommon for debtors to dispute debts or make counterclaims, regardless of merit.  If this happens we will review the arguments raised and advise you on the position and suggested next steps.  Where required, we have experts in other teams who we can call on to assist.  This ensures a joined up commercial and cost-effective, results focussed approach.

Can’t I just use a statutory demand, winding up or bankruptcy petition to make them pay?

If the debt is clearly owed and undisputed, yes you can; and this can often be an effective part of our toolbox. However, if there is genuine dispute that needs to be resolved, this will not be the most appropriate method.  Similarly, issuing a winding up petition has certain consequences if the debtor doesn’t pay or other creditors join in, meaning you may not be able to stop the process even if you subsequently want to. Our experts can advise you on whether statutory demands and winding up / bankruptcy petitions are appropriate.

My debtor has gone into administration / liquidation / bankruptcy – can you still help?

We regularly advise creditors on how they can exercise their creditor rights when their debtors have gone into administration / liquidation / bankruptcy, including (where appropriate) whether they can recover their goods and dealing with the administrator / liquidator / trustee in bankruptcy appointed.  We do this in conjunction with our Restructuring & Insolvency team.

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Recent work

Recovery of £3million plus for property development consultancy

We recovered £3.4 million, over 80% of total debt, in 12-month period for an international property development company. We handled around 533 accounts at a very low cost to client.

Collecting debt for international credit control company

We act for an international credit management company and worldwide supplier of confidential credit control solutions. We assist in collecting the organisation’s own unpaid invoices and pursue unpaid undisputed and disputed debts. Most debtors in these cases are companies based out of the jurisdiction, so our advice encompasses guidance on issues of jurisdiction and appliable law.

Recovery of historic debt for leading estate agent

We have been undertaking debt recovery work for this high-end real estate company for several years, initially assisting in the collection of debts that were years old and seemingly lost to the client.

Sole debt recovery services for leading accountancy firm

Acting as sole provider of debt recovery services to one of the leading accountancy practices in the UK, undertaking the recovery of unpaid professional service fees, employee loans and overpayment of salaries.

90% recovery rate for leader in print industry

Undertaking debt recovery for a market-leading manufacturer in the print industry, achieving very high rates of recovery at over 90%.

Acting for leading insolvency practitioner

Working with a well known insolvency practitioner to recover sums relating to various insolvent entities.

Ad hoc advice for long-standing publishing client

We have a long-standing relationship with this client. In addition to undertaking pre-action work, issuing proceedings, entering judgments and taking enforcement action, we also provide additional support to the client in respect of defended claims.

Debt recovery for global leader in dental sector

Undertaking large scale debt recovery work for a global leader in dental implantology, which often involves international debtors. We effect service and enforce judgments in various jurisdictions.

Debt recovery

Carrying out debt recovery work, often involving international debtors, requiring us to effect service and enforce judgments in a variety of foreign jurisdictions for a leading dentistry manufacturer.

Dispute resolution and debt recovery

We have a long-standing relationship with a leading surveying and real estate firm, providing a range of dispute resolution and debt recovery services. Our work for this client will often involve defending allegations of breach of contract and/or negligence (claims which are commonly brought as part of a defence to our client’s claims to recover its professional services fees).

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