Our Public Sector expertise

Our experience and specialist focus means we fully understand the challenges our public sector clients face, their statutory limitations, powers and duties.

We are strongly aware of the key issues surrounding the drive to reduce expenditure and are at the vanguard of the national debate on key developments such as Shared Services, Total Place and Step-Change Management.

Working with public sector clients who are under increasing pressure to deliver more for less, we help them identify and implement efficient strategies to reduce expenditure and maximise returns from their assets and commercial operations.

Some examples of this work include:

  • Shared Services across front and back office functions
  • Scrutiny and monitoring of contracts to ensure best value
  • Funding of capital projects and alternatives to PFI
  • Fraud and investigation solutions such as tackling housing tenancy fraud and misuse of public assets
  • Innovative ways to maximise revenue from property assets
  • Revenue generation through the effective recovery of income and debt from numerous sources

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Our expertise in the Public Sector

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News and insights

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An overview of the environmental regulator’s approach to the enforcement and prosecution of environmental offences which outlines the potential penalties and other implications for a businesses who breaches environmental legislation


Enforcing possession orders – how not to do it


We explain how not to enforce possession orders, as shown in London Borough of Southwark -v- AA [2014] EWHC 500 (QB)