Corporate leadership in addressing modern slavery risk

In this latest episode, we delve into the pressing issue of modern slavery which can encompass various forms such as forced labour, forced marriage, debt bondage, human trafficking, and the exploitation of children.

As awareness and legislative actions increase globally, organisations face growing pressure to address modern slavery within their operations and supply chains. This episode explores the evolving expectations from stakeholders and the challenges of prioritising issues without immediate financial returns. The discussion also touches on the broader context of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) frameworks, where the social element is gaining more importance.

Our special guest for this episode is Colleen Theron, a tri-qualified lawyer and CEO of Ardea International. Colleen brings her extensive expertise in sustainability, business, and human rights to the conversation, sharing insights on compliance and voluntary initiatives. Also joining this discussion are Commercial Partner, Debbie Venn, and Employment Partner Rebecca Thornley-Gibson, who contribute their valuable insights on how organisations can lead in mitigating modern slavery risks.

We also will be co-hosting a modern slavery conference with Ardea International in November 2024 at our London offices. The conference will look at the issues around modern slavery and forced labour risk and provide practical solutions to these risks for organisations. This will be a unique platform for thought leaders, industry experts, and change-makers to converge, exchange ideas, and collectively take strides in de-risking their organisations. For more information please visit the Ardea event page here.

About the authors

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Debbie Venn


Experienced commercial contracts specialist, skilled in technology, data, IP, travel, manufacturing, wine sectors, and in-house counsel support.
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Rebecca Thornley-Gibson


Specialist in contract and policy frameworks, employee relations, employment tribunal litigation and senior executive terms and exits.
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Adam Williams


Specialises in guiding corporate clients through UK business immigration and labour law aspects of operating in the UK and moving people across borders.

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