Employment Law: review of 2022, and what’s to come in 2023

In this session, we looked at:

An overview of the key cases and legislation from 2022

– Gender identity cases in 2022

– CV fraud: what can an employer do when an applicant lies

– Strike action and the use of agency workers

– Holiday pay for casual workers

– Employment tribunal system

– an update on their caseload and delays


A preview of what is likely to come in 2023

– A new statutory right to carer’s and neonatal leave

– Proposals to widen laws to protect pregnant employees

– Sexual harassment changes

– Dealing with employees who raise multiple grievances

About the authors

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Greg Burgess


Advises on restructures, TUPE, trade union law, dismissal claims, discrimination, harassment and has experience defending Employment Tribunal claims.
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Will Walsh


Expertise in the employment aspects of company restructures and strategy, including international elements.

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