Creative Industries

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The creative industries in the UK generate £10m every hour are the largest in the European Union and, in terms of GDP, the largest in the world (Department of Culture, January 2016). They generate wealth, jobs and greater cultural engagement.

Key sectors include advertising and marketing, design, designer fashion, film, interactive leisure and gaming, music, publishing, architecture, the arts and research and development.  A primary theme across the creative industries is that they trade with creative assets in the form of intellectual property.

Many of our clients and referrers operate within these sectors and for many years we have aligned ourselves with the creative industries, building on our long standing credentials for media and intellectual property work.

These industries are also major exporters, another area in which we are thought leaders. We produce reports and white papers which have received support from the UK Trade and Investment (UKTI). Our 2015 report, Export Strategies, found that medium sized businesses see exporting as 'fundamental to managing risk'.  

If you are trading within the creative industries, we can support every aspect of your legal requirements, helping you to remain profitable, eliminate risk and deliver your growth plans, all the while understanding the fabric of the industry in which you operate and the sector nuances which impact on our delivery of the commercial objective.

Lawyers across our business are deeply experienced in supporting businesses within these sectors. Many of them have industry experience themselves and several are publishers, musicians and artists.

Many of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are focussed on the creative industries, with many of our people contributing their own time to act as trustees for charitable trusts and non-executives of creative businesses.









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