Issuing a Bankruptcy or Winding-up Petition

What our restructuring and insolvency lawyers do

Strong, effective and above-all expert legal support is essential when considering the issuing of a bankruptcy or winding-up petition against a debtor.

DMH Stallard’s specialist insolvency lawyers know the bankruptcy and winding-up petition process inside-out.

What they say

"First class advice – they looked after me and got me a fantastic result"

Restructuring and Insolvency client

We will act for you as a creditor from start to finish, issuing the very first warning to the debtor, right through to the recovery of the debt or final court hearing.

In the case of a straightforward petition we provide this service on a fixed fee, which takes care of all of our standard costs as well as anything else you may have to pay such as court and process server fees.

How our restructuring and insolvency lawyers work

We start by reviewing the debt and circumstances with you in order to advise on whether the petition process suits the situation.

There may be some steps you need to take with the debtor before the petition; if so we will help with these.

Once ready, we will prepare the petition and take care of serving it, advertising it (if needed) and booking an advocate to attend the hearing (should it get that far).

As soon as the debtor responds we will, on your instruction, enter a dialogue to explore settlement.

Once settled, we will tidy things up with a formal agreement with the debtor and stop the petition proceedings.


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We were instructed by a German company to present a winding up petition against a large telecoms subsidiary based in the UK for debt arising from German court judgments. When the winding up petition was served, the debtor quickly engaged with us and we recovered the entire debt plus all legal costs and expenses.

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